APM: [APM] 1-2 mo Perl Contract starting 3/7

Steven Bauer bauer78720 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 15 20:36:26 PST 2005

I'm passing this on for a recruiter.  I was contacted about this position,
but since I just started a contract, I'm passing it on so that someone else
my benefit. Please contact Lindsey directly and let her know where you saw
the posting.

The details:

Application Name: e-Blotter
This application automates the recording financial transactions per SEC/NASD
New feature will add functionality to pre-approve transactions.
Business Objective: Need to augment staff to accomplish new enhancements to
Technical Environment: OO Perl, Linux/Apache, Sybase, Mason (perl
Size of Group: 3
Job Description: (Day to day duties)Candidate will assist in rewriting an
existing application as part of a team. Programming will be
done in Object-Oriented Perl within an Apache/Linux and Sybase DB
environment. This is a web-based application.
Expected Duration of Assignment: 1-2 months

Technical skills essential for this assignment: OO Perl, Linux/Apache,
Sybase DB, Large Perl
web-development experience.

Lindsey Ohls
Recruiter- Austin Office
Direct- 512-249-4926
Toll Free- 888-598-5877
lohls at teksystems.com

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