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Last December I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at a meeting
of the New Orleans Perlmongers chapter (http://neworleans.pm.org/). I
was looking forward to a return visit.

Needless to say, that's not in the cards in the near future.

My guess is that many of our fellow New Orleans Perl hackers, as well
as those in other cities devastated by Hurricane Katrina such as
Gulfport, Biloxi and Mobile, will have their lives disrupted for many
months to come. It occurs to me that one way in which we could ease
this disruption would be ...

... employment. Chances are that some of these folks will be out of
work and circulating their résumés. If you are in the position to hire
Perl programmers, perhaps you could move the résumés of the New Orleans
folk to the top of the stack.

(And since we're talking employment, let me add that, re my other
friends in New Orleans, one is a musician and one is an art historian.
So if you're looking for people in those fields, give me a shout.)

Jim Keenan
Perl Seminar NY

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