APM: October Meeting: Speaker Confirm--Last minute replacement

Sam Foster austin.pm at sam-i-am.com
Mon Oct 18 09:39:44 CDT 2004

ok thanks all. The site is up to date, I'll look forward to Wednesday.
As usual of there's any questions or suggestions for austin.pm.org, drop 
me a line.


Joe Cooper wrote:
> Sounds like a plan.
> Since everyone is presumably a perl programmer (or learning to be), I 
> figure we'll write a new Webmin module from scratch during the 
> presentation.  This would lead naturally to an overview of the 
> web-lib.pl library of functions, the architecture of Webmin, and 
> hopefully bring a few new Webmin module developers into existence.  And, 
> yes Virginia, it is possible to write a completely functional (and 
> possibly even useful) Webmin module from scratch in an hour or so, 
> including internationalization (translations not included), fine-grained 
> access controls, event logging, and more.
> I'm not a Perl guru, by any means, so I'm likely to learn as much as 
> anyone else just by letting others point out the nicest way to solve the 
> normal perl problems...but I do know how to whip a Webmin module into 
> shape in no time and I'm happy to share that skill.
> If folks would rather cover something else, let me know.  There's lots 
> of interesting bits in Webmin...
> Anyway, I'll look forward to meeting some local mongers.

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