APM: Activestate Perl 5.8

Goldilox goldilox at teachnet.edb.utexas.edu
Mon Mar 1 13:05:22 CST 2004

Thanks to everyone for helping me with responses to my previous questions!
Sometimes I forget to say thanks in a timely manner, but I do appreciate the

I have two separate questions which I will split into two emails.


I have consistently seen problems with Activestate Perl release of version 5.8
and have continued to run Activestate Perl 5.6 on my IIS Server. I have a
network team that fiddles with certain Microsoft patches that I don't always
have full knowledge of, but I wouldn't expect that to effect the Perl
installation. I have seen version 5.8 fail in every installation for the last
two years, including a recent installation of the new build where it again
caused scripts to fail that were running fine in version 5.6. These are not
overly complicated scripts - in fact the only module they typically call is

Does anyone know if this is typical? Could my network environment be a cause
for this type of failure between versions? Is this too broad a question? I
guess I'm wondering if Activestate's Perl 5.8 fails for anyone else, or is it
just my experience.

Thanks again for any help.


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