APM: How do you modify the @INC array?

Comrade Burnout brian_clarkson at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 9 13:13:27 CDT 2004

--- "Bakken, Tom - Temple, TX" <tom.bakken at tx.usda.gov> wrote:
> This should be an easy one.  I want to modify the default @INC array.  I
> don't want to prepend it, but modify the system settings.

you want to completely change it?  like:

@INC = qw# /use/this/lib/set #;

i don't think you can without setting the PERL5LIB or PERLLIB ENV var ... 

resetting in the ENV would most likely be the best bet, since that would
be invoked first.  next, i think, would be a BEGIN block with the above
code in it.  YMMV, because i'm not sure it's something that's *intended*
to be done.

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