APM: debugging a seg fault

jeremyb at univista.com jeremyb at univista.com
Fri Sep 26 13:25:47 CDT 2003

Found it...    I had terminated a line inside a  of ?: conditional just
before an undef. 

Thank Mike

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From: Jeremy Brooks 
Sent: Friday, September 26, 2003 1:18 PM
To: Jeremy Brooks
Subject: RE: APM: debugging a seg fault

Ok,  I'm a little confused now...
I just placed a print statement just below the bang in the script and it
doesn't print before the seg fault occurs.  

The print statement is:
Print "Beginning Execution\n";

A little about the system and the script.
Redhat 9.0 with stock kernel, Perl 5.8, DBI v. 11.23, CGI.pm v 1.75

Any thoughts on this?

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I should have been more clear this morning.  What I meant to ask was why
sigtrace might be causing the script to race forever.

The script is 3355 lines.... 

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From: Mike South [mailto:msouth at shodor.org] 
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hard for anyone to help without seeing the source code.  If it's not
small, then I would suggest that you cut it down to the smallest 
fraction of the program that reproduces the problem, and then post
that.  If the script is already short enough to reasonably post in
email, post it.

That "no longer shared" warning, I think, has something to do
with having a shared variable in nested subroutines.  That could
be the part of your code you want to look at if that's throwing
a warning.  But, again, it's too hard to guess without some idea
of the code.

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