APM: OOP question

Wayne Walker wwalker at broadq.com
Sat Sep 13 19:31:44 CDT 2003

I have an issue about inheritance and Class methods (rather than object
methods).  Any help would be appreciated.

For those of you who didn't ace telepathy 305, here's the code:

$miracle = Foo::Bar::get_data();

package Foo;

sub get_data
	my $class = shift; # this will =  Foo::Bar at runtime
	$magic_dust = $class::get_dust();
	$miracle = convert($magic_dust);
	return $miracle;

package Foo::Bar

sub get_dust
	# stuff....
	return convert($beans);

The problem is that I cannot get the syntax right to run
Foo::Bar::get_dust() inside Foo::get_data().

There will also be Foo::Baz::get_dust().

Applications will call the non-existant Foo::Baz::get_data
Foo::Bar::get_data, etc...


Wayne Walker

www.broadq.com :)  Bringing digital video and audio to the living room

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