APM: komodo

Larry Hunter lhunter at lhunter.com
Tue Mar 4 20:28:35 CST 2003

I've just about decided to get komodo based on the descriptions and reviews 
and very positive experience with ActiveState's Perl debugger.

At 03:56 PM 3/4/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>Anyone use Komodo from Active State?
>If you're not familiar with it, it's a program
>designed to help you write/edit perl programs.
>(available at http://activestate.com)
>I've been using textpad for my programming.
>Good features include:
>on the fly error checking
>saving directly to a ftp site
>integration with cvs
>package control
>regular expression evaluation
>only one program visible at a time
>can't completely "fold" a program into
>2 windows to see a top part and bottom
>part at the same time.
>So any of you guys use this?
>If not, what do you use?
>Is there any other programs you recommend?
>Bob Richards
>bob at blacklab.com
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>Austin at mail.pm.org

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