[AnnArbor.pm] the new site goes live by next week; the next meeting

Bryan Smith besmit at umich.edu
Wed May 4 20:14:56 PDT 2011

So we had a productive meeting, so check out our new site! [
www.a2perl.org] Seth did a bang-up job on the background images.

There's still a lot to do: put the site under version control, automated
backups, set up member profiles, finish migrating content, some front-end
performance, more design, etc. (If you missed the meeting but are interested
in contributing, contact me or come to the next meeting!)

However, we're going to move to our new site by next week!

For our next meeting:

   - Seth will discuss the Mojolicious <http://www.mojolicious.org/> and
   Dancer <http://search.cpan.org/dist/Dancer/> web frameworks
   - Bryan will discuss growing the Ann Arbor Perl Mongers

I'll send out an Doodle to schedule the next meeting in a couple weeks. Any
ideas on how to best publicize the meeting?

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