[AmsterdamX-pm] Mini YAPCs in August

Upasana Shukla me at upasana.me
Wed Jul 22 14:47:38 PDT 2015

Hi everyone,

Some days ago, I emailed about organizing some mini YAPCs at booking.
Around 10-12 people showed interest, so I'm going to organize them.

13th august, thursday
19th august, wednesday
25th august, tuesday
31st august, monday

All meetings will start at 18:30.

What do I need to do?
Please send me your talks along with these details:
1) Title of the talk
2) Abstract
3) Time Duration

Talks can be of any duration less than 1 hour.

Can I present a talk which I'm not going to present at YAPC::EU, but at
some other technical conference?

Soft-deadline for talk submission?
27th July, Monday.

If you've any questions, then please feel free to ask me.

Looking forward to see you all!




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