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Thu Nov 20 05:49:46 PST 2014

And yes, somewhere I have incorrectly stated the month.

Thank you, everyone, for alerting me! :)


On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 2:28 PM, Sawyer X <xsawyerx at gmail.com> wrote:

> This November we're getting lots of amazing speakers. Don't miss it!
> Please also fill in the following form if you intend to come:
> https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5CVZS3K.
> *In a nutshell:*
> Date: Tuesday, July 29th.
> Time: 18:30 - 20:30 (theoretically).
> Location: Booking.com, Herengracht 597, Amsterdam room on 2nd floor.
> *Talks:*
> *H.Merijn Brand (tux) - What I miss in "pack" and "unpack"*
> Pack and unpack enable us to view binary data as structured data. Using
> advanced patterns, these data chunks might even be perceived as dynamic
> data sources. There is one drawback on the implementation of unpack in the
> CORE: it only works on scalar values.
> I will not show you how it can be done (that will be quite an job), but I
> will try to show you how code could change if unpack were to work on data
> streams as well. I'll use PerlMonk posts as examples, though my original
> idea came from something I'll also show.
> I hope this will be some kind of interactive, and there will be a
> discussion on weather this is a useful feature to implement. It will not be
> a slick slideshow.
> *Damien Krotkine (dams) - Exceptions with no strings attached*
> Perl exceptions can be anything, as long as they are scalars. This bring
> issues. Exception::Stringy aims to fix that
> *Peter Rabbitson (ribasushi) - DBIx::Class - what is it and what is it
> good for?*
> DBIx::Class is a widely used and just as widely misunderstood SQL
> metaprogramming framework (no, it is not an ORM, it just plays one on TV).
> Come to see the primary maintainer of DBIx::Class (a.k.a. DBIC) give an
> overview of its architecture, show some more advanced use cases where the
> library really shines, and generally rant about the sorry state of the
> RDBMS universe. ;)
> *Stevan Little - Plack::Debugger: A new debugger for Plack Applications*
> Plack::Debugger is a newly released addition to the Plack toolbox. It is a
> rethinking of the excellent Plack::Middleware::Debug module designed
> specifically to work with the AJAX heavy web applications of today. This
> talk will provide an overview of the straight-out-of-the-box functionality
> this module provides, as well as examples of how to extend it for your
> particular environment.
> The invitation is also available on the main website:
> http://AmsterdamX.pm/
> *Unabridged:*
> You've probably heard of the Perl Mongers meetings, where fellow Perl (and
> non-Perl) programmers can get together to "talk shop", make fun of
> everything (including Perl), and have a good time. These meetings often
> have a few technical talks (which are usually light-hearted, and not
> necessarily - but likely - involve Perl). There are already Amsterdam.pm
> meetings. This is not about those. This is about AmsterdamX.pm.
> The talks can be a 5 minute tidbit about a cool module, or a 40 minute
> tutorial about some cool new (or old) software.
> *AmsterdamX.pm?*
> AmsterdamX.pm (Amsterdam eXpats Perl Mongers) is a new Perl Mongers group
> whose purpose is to optimize for expats. The major differences are:
> * use English; We might speak more than 50 languages, but we commonly
> speak only one.
> * Meeting early: we meet at 18:30, so you can come straight from work
> instead of having a long buffer time to the meeting.
> * Held at Booking.com, where most Perl expats in Amsterdam already work.
> This isn't to replace Amsterdam.pm, but to provide an additional group. It
> is only meant to supplement.
> *Why should I attend?*
> Here are a few reasons which might appeal to you:
> * You will improve your knowledge of Perl (and most likely other
> technologies) through the knowledge and experience of others. It's like a
> free course, with snacks!
> * You could give a talk and share your knowledge and experience. If you're
> going to YAPC to give a talk, this is great practice.
> * It's a wonderful chance to socialize.
> *How many talks, and how long are they?*
> Usually there will be 2-3 talks, ranging between 5 minutes (lightning) and
> 40 minutes (tutorial).
> *Is it just for Booking.com?*
> No. This isn't Booking.pm, this is AmsterdamX.pm. (also, Sparta!)
> This means that everyone is invited! We suggest that people register so we
> could have a good estimate of the people arriving. This will help with
> various things like optimized snack distribution, making sure reception
> knows of people arriving that don't have keys, making sure we get a proper
> room, etc.
> *Now I'm interested, what's the next step?*
> Please let us know by return email if you will be attending as well as the
> names of anyone you plan on bringing from outside of Booking.com.
> Then mark the date, time and place, and show up!
> See you there!
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