[AmsterdamX-pm] Dutch Perl Workshop! (NLPW::2014::Utrecht)

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Mon Mar 24 06:10:58 PDT 2014

In just one month time (April 25th) we will have the Dutch Perl Workshop...

but it will be less Dutch than you might think

With the presence of the relatively young but active AmsterdamX.pm group it
will be evident the Workshop will include many international (as in
non-Dutch) attendees. This year it will be an international day, where most
of the talks and presentations will probably be in English and even draw
international speakers.

At this moment we are about to have forty people that will participate, and
that is a nice number. But we have room for twice. Plenty of us want to
attend, but to do that we actually have to sign up. Let's get to it. Just
in case that wasn't yet clear, *please sign up!* :)

Also, it is still possible to *submit talks and presentations*. There are a
few 40-minute slots left and some more 20-minute, which encourages you to
condense your talk to the bare essentials. Remember when you said you have
an idea for a talk? Now's the time. *Submit your talk!* :)

* NLPW::2014::Utrecht needs you!*

For more details, visit http://perlworkshop.nl (in English and in Dutch)
and follow @PerlNL <https://twitter.com/PerlNL> on Twitter.
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