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*Date: Tuesday March 18th (Tomorrow)*
*Time: 16:00-18:00*
*Location: De Kleine Komedie, Amstel 56-58. 1017 AC Amsterdam*

Damian Conway is an extraordinary speaker from Australia: not only his
knowledge is renowned, he also tells an enthusiastic story on any subject
like no other can.  Twice a year, he travels around the World to teach and
give seminars.  We are lucky to have him visiting Holland for a few days.

The Amsterdam and AmsterdamX Perl Mongers, and the NLUUG invite the
Open Source community for a seminar on "Regular Expressions".  Damian
is tied into the Perl community, however this presentation is programming
language independent.  Find the abstract below.

   Tuesday 18 March 4pm till 6pm
   Theater "De Kleine Komedie", Amstel 56-58, 1017 AC Amsterdam
   Free entrance, registration not required.

Sponsored by Booking.com, NLUUG & SPPN

--- Abstract

*** Everything You Know About Regexes Is Wrong ***

For most programmers, regular expressions are a riddle wrapped in a
mystery inside an enigma shrouded in line-noise.

So most sensible programmers either don't use them at all (and are thereby
forced to reinvent worse wheels...badly), or else they fall back on an
"evolutionary programming" approach: find an existing regex that looks
like it might do, then randomly permute its "genome" over and over again
until it appears to work.

In this talk we'll go back to basics and discover that regexes mostly
aren't what you think they are, mostly don't work the way you were told
they did, and mostly shouldn't be created the way everyone tells you to.

More usefully, we'll also talk about what regexes really are, how they
actually work, and see how normal programmers can make use of their
existing software development skills to construct correct and efficient
regexes...without selling their souls or losing their minds.

--- About the presenter

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