[AmsterdamX-pm] AmsterdamX.pm Wants to Organize YAPC::EU 2015

Steffen Mueller smueller at cpan.org
Sun Mar 16 09:46:36 PDT 2014

Dear all,

on behalf of the AmsterdamX Perl Mongers group, I am very proud to 
announce that we intend to organize YAPC::EU 2015.

The greater Amsterdam area was host to a YAPC in already 2001, in the 
early days of YAPC conferences. We believe that it is time to return to 
our roots and have YAPC::EU return to lovely Amsterdam in the center of 
Europe. We believe that we can organize an outstanding conference and 
will submit a comprehensive proposal later this year.

We are already a nice-size group of people interested in making the 
event a raving success. Contact details of some of the organizers below.

Best regards,

+31 (0)6 47955769
xsawyerx at cpan.org

+31 6 52054606
yapc2015 at abigail.be

Steffen Mueller
+31 (0)6 21164103
smueller at cpan.org

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