[AmsterdamX-pm] Official Announcement for AmsterdamX.pm Hackathon!

Henk van Oers hvo.pm at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 31 21:48:06 PST 2014

I want to work on Perl 5 Core (Author: Graham Barr)
While working on a Perl "mailman" I found myself using Net::SMTP
talking to "localhost" from "public IPnr".

To prevent configurations like:
mynetworks=,<put your public address here>
, I want to connect from localhost to talk to localhost.

So, I want to find the SUPER-Class of Net::SMTP
that can do that for me.

I'll be there on sunday (9th).

-- Henk

On Fri, 31 Jan 2014, sawyer x wrote:

> (dutifully copy/pasted from http://blogs.perl.org/users/sawyer_x/2014/01/amsterdamxpm-hosting-a-perl-hackathon.html)
> At AmsterdamX.pm we decided to cook up a special surprise this cold February: we're hosting our first hackathon!
> But since we like surprises, there is one more surprise. We will have a special guest: Stevan Little. Yes, that Stevan Little.
> The hackathon will take place in the Technologia Incognita hackspace, in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) under the title "Perl and
> Beyond". You can hack on Perl, or you can hack on whatever else you want.
> The dates are February 8th-9th. Yes, two hackalicious days!
> There is room for about 50 people, and there isn't a lot of time, so please hurry and register. You can email me at XSAWYERX at
> CPAN, or via the wiki page (or if that doesn't work, me).
> We are still working on a list of optional projects (and you're very encouraged to add more), but the current list stands on:
> - The new MOP for Perl 5
> - AmsterdamX.pm website (dire need of help)
> - Uploading AmsterdamX.pm videos
> - MetaCPAN::API (awaiting new rewrite branch to be released)
> - Dancer1/2
> - Perl 5 Core (small bug fixes, clean ups, etc.)
> - Perl 6
> - Whatever you want! (a project of yours or one you're interested in)
> If you have any additional suggestions, please let me know, or add them directly in the wiki.

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