[AmsterdamX-pm] NLPW::2014

Theo theo at perlworkshop.nl
Tue Jan 28 13:44:29 PST 2014

it was again a nice evening!

Someone called me an evangelist this evening and maybe that is what I am.

As I am writing this email there it is the final hour before I can put myself to rest... and I hope, with your help it will indeed be 'rest' with the knowledge that we made the first 25 registration in the first week.

NLPW::2014 needs you!

so... before you close the lid of your laptop, visit www.perlworkshop.nl an register.

two people (I will not mention their names here, for they know I refer to them) should even submit a talk, and I truly belief that some people should submit as well.

Sleep well Perl Monger

Theo van Hoesel

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