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Op 16 jan. 2014, om 18:00 heeft sawyer x het volgende geschreven:

> We have AmsterdamX.pm t-shirts!
> Here is the shirt front design on our model, Stevan Little:
> http://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bb9A9qUCUAAKSbr.jpg
> The t-shirts are spectacular, and you should definitely have one! However, there's a small caveat. The t-shirts cost money. It's not a lot, and it's exactly the amount that it cost to print them, but you will need to actually pay for it.
> I'm including the inventory of sizes and figures. We have both female and male.
> We're starting with a small supply but as soon as it's close to running out we will make an additional order. If you see a shirt not available in your size, please let me know, so we could print those as well.
> All t-shirts 15.41 EUR.
> Men:
> S: 5
> M: 10
> L: 14
> XL: 5
> XXL: 2
> Women*:
> S: 2
> M: 3
> L: 2
> If you want to have a shirt saved for you for when you arrive to the next AmsterdamX.pm, you should email me ahead of time. You need to come to an event in order to get the shirt. First come first serve and all that, unless I like you, in which case I might agree to save one for you.
> (* one pink women in M for 20EUR, which might disappear soon!)
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