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Fri Nov 22 07:41:20 PST 2013

*This Monday! *This meeting features several Perl power tools and a series
of complaints that has the potential of starting a holy world war. Please
join us!

* In a nutshell:*
* Date: Monday, November 25th.*
Time: 18:30 - 20:30 (theoretically)
Location: Booking.com, Herengracht 597, Tokyo & Shanghai room, 5th floor.

*Talks: *

*Rob Hoelz - Perl Power Tools *Tools are the unseen force behind
programming; they're not the "killer apps" of the world, but they're often
instrumental in delivering them.
Come discover some of the tools that the Perl community has developed over
the years to make working with Perl easier.

* Kang-Min Liu (Gugod) - *
*perlbrew, tips and tricks *
perlbrew is a tool to manage multiple perl installations for various

I'll briefly go through some basic introduction of the tool and some common
usages of perlbrew for development and operational purposes.

*Sawyer X - do_this() and die;*

If serial killers would use these coding patterns as reasons for their
killing sprees we would set them free of charge. Innocent men and women who
could not be expected to remain silent in the face of such bothersome

I will provide a (hopefully extensive) list of coding patterns I do not
like to see, and will urge you to follow me into the righteous path of
coding cleanly and understandably.

This will also shield you as best as possible not to be hurt physically by
me when working with me, which - by the end of the talk - you may not wish
to do anyway.
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