Albany Perl Mongers meeting Thurs. Feb. 8

Clark Cooper coopercc at
Sun Feb 4 20:22:13 CST 2001

Well, the Christmas season is over, and I've even started paying down some
of the bills. Time to fight cabin fever. In the interest of doing that,
let's have a PM meeting this Thursday Feb. 8 at the Albany Pump Station at
6:30 pm.

The Albany Pump Station (a.k.a  C.H.Evans Brewing Co.) is located at
19 Quackenbush Sq., just off the Clinton Ave. exit of 787 if you're coming
from the north. Their number is 518-447-9000.

If we get enough people interested in a tech talk, I can go over the LWP
module from which you can build HTTP servers and robots. I'll give a
live (with all the flaws that implies) demo on my laptop.

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