Perl Mongers meeting

Dan Moniz dnm at
Mon Oct 11 02:09:05 CDT 1999

"Chastain, Jack (Jack)** CTR **" wrote: 
> I am good to go for Tuesdays. See you there.

[Clark's original annoucement is below]

> > Hi gang,
> >
> > I'd like to move our meetings back to Tuesday nights. So I'd like to have
> > a meeting at the Troy Brew Pub this Tuesday, Oct. 12 at 6 PM. I know this
> > is
> > short notice and that we had planned to have it on Thursday.
> >
> > At least one of our regulars has a problem with Thursday (at least this
> > one) so I'm moving the meeting back to Tuesday to accomodate him. If we
> > had more regulars showing up, I would hesitate to change it on short
> > notice.

Tuesdays are no problem for me, however, _this Tuesday_, I will not be
able to attend as I will be in Boston at _The Intenet Security
Conference_ schmoozing with people and meeting a long time friend. I'll
also be interviewing for a possible position with the company he works
for, so wish me luck ;]

When I get back to the Capital Region, expect me at the next meeting
(unless I'm already moved ;] ).

Have a great time everyone!

-- Dan [dnm at]

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