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Justin Hawkins justin at hawkins.id.au
Tue Apr 13 22:38:47 PDT 2010

On 09/04/2010, at 10:45 AM, Justin Hawkins wrote:

> Basically the algorithm is to have it on the 26th of each month, moving it backwards 2 days if it happens to fall on a weekend.
> This gives us a bias towards end of the week. The algorithm is also simple enough to calculate 'by hand' if necessary and spreads it out over the week (I know many people can never make it on particular days of the week).
> I need to devise a solution to the 'falls on a public holiday' thing, but that's easy enough. Probably either just skip for that month (nooo!) or move it another day backward. 


In case you need to work it out by hand, public holidays cause the date to go backwards one day (until it isn't a public holiday or weekend).

But you'll never need to remember anyway, because it's now automatically updated on the web page, and (with any luck) in the signature of all mailing list posts. Huzzah!

The code allows for overrides of course, so if we need to move a social meeting, we can. Otherwise, we can stop thinking about it and let the Machines do our thinking for us. AS IT SHOULD BE.

The venue for socials is currently defaulting to the Exeter, though I've put it down for the Brecknock this coming meeting.

	- Justin 

Justin Hawkins
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