[adelaide.pm] Social meet for April, was Re: next perl mongers

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Tue Apr 6 16:17:04 PDT 2010


On 06/04/2010, at 6:57 AM, Kim Hawtin wrote:

> Justin wrote:
>> I think the influence of beer could probably make devising the Ultimate Meeting Planning Algorithm quite easy!
> I don't think we covered it, but I had to bail early...
> The Brecknoch[1][2], was mentioned as an alternative venue. I think the key things were reasonably priced drinks and food, ideally with some form of internets...
> What was the vrdict for those exploring the options?
> I forget which nights were the best for folks, anyway I'll suggest Friday 23rd April or one night in the week after?
> regards,
> Kim
> [1] I can't remember how to spell it, and im on the bus, so no internets
> [2] the south end of King William Street
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