[Aberdeen-pm] Quick perl fix needed

Gavin Henry ghenry at perl.me.uk
Fri Mar 10 14:52:26 PST 2006

<quote who="Mark McRitchie">
> Heyas,
> I need to convert a string in the form:
> <blah key=value key2=value2 ... keyX=valueX/>
> Into an associative array eg:
> arr(key)=value
> arr(key2)=value2
> Is there a quick way to do this? Yes its an XML string, but I want to do
> it without having to use any extra packages...

For the group, we have available copies of the Perl CD Bookshelf 3.0 and
4.0 , which have the Perl XML book in it.

I recommend reading:


Gentle intro:


It's much safer to use XML::Simple etc. Mark, as it will save you
headaches in the long run!

> Cheers!
> Mark.
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