[ABE.pm] followups from last night

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Your e-mail gives me enough to keep me occupied for the entire 3-day weekend. The Clue article alone has me thinking and thinking. I got to get my hands (and eyes) on that movie.
November Rain seems to be an odd combination of Lianie May's Vergeet my Nie (which means Forget me Not) and Beautiful South's Manchester. If you look either up on You Tube you might not see a story connection. (I don't think there is one, but the visuals seem reminiscent.) Maybe the list has sent me off into a rambling list of thoughts already.
I have often said that everything that ever existed had someone write an article about it for Wikipedia, and I never looked for an old TV show and didn't find an article about it there, but Adam's Rib is the first episode so immortalized, at least in my experience.
Anyway, enjoy 2015. 
Chris Bradley
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1.  The Clue article:
2.  November Rain
    the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SbUC-UaAxE
    the comic: http://www.udargo.com/burton/MTV/
3.  Adam's Ribs
4.  Radar leaves MASH in season eight, and the episode in which Klinger has to
    prove he's up to the job.  The episode about making a new floor for the OR
    is "Cementing Relationships," in season nine.

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