[ABE.pm] October meeting

Faber Fedor faber at linuxnj.com
Mon Sep 26 20:41:32 PDT 2011

I like Paul's idea of doing it on a Saturday.

I'm thinking the 22nd because Rick will be back and hopefully  
un-jetlagged by then.

What say we all?

Quoting Ricardo Signes <perl.abe at rjbs.manxome.org>:

> Normally, I'd send out something next week reminding you of a get  
> together the
> next week.  That week, I'll be at YAPC.  If you guys want to do it a  
> week early
> -- Oct 5th -- that's fine with me.  Or October 26th, because I'm  
> guessing that
> on the 19th I'll still probably be pretty trashed from jetlag.
> ...and of course, you can just plan something for the 12th on your own!
> In the meantime, I am going to suggest Oct 5 at McGrady's.  I know  
> Ted reported
> an influx of bad staff, but I'm hoping it was all related to Musikfest and
> Lehigh getting in for the season.  I could go for a Fahy burger and  
> hot wings.
> Folks?
> --
> rjbs
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