[ABE.pm] WTF is this code doing?

Ricardo SIGNES rjbs-perl-abe at lists.manxome.org
Wed Jun 6 07:50:32 PDT 2007

* Faber Fedor <faber at linuxnj.com> [2007-06-06T10:13:15]
> So I could use q'', q@@, q||. q!! etc instead of q() just like I can use
> s''', s@@@, s||| and s!!! instead of s/// ?

Quite right.

Also, since you bring up s///, it's an oft-overlooked feature that if you use a
set of open/close characters, you end up with two pairs (rather than three
dividers) which can then have whitespace between them:

  s/foo/bar/;  # three dividers
  s{foo}{bar}; # two pairs

  s{foo}       # same...
   {bar};      # ...thing

This is useful for larger chunks.


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