[ABE.pm] self-modifying data structures

Ricardo SIGNES rjbs-perl-abe at lists.manxome.org
Tue Jun 5 10:00:05 PDT 2007

* "Faber J. Fedor" <faber at linuxnj.com> [2007-06-05T12:11:23]
> IOW, I want my program to modify its source code/file by updating a data
> structure within the program/file.  I think the __DATA__ tag is going to be
> useful here but I'm not sure.
> Any suggestions on how to do this?

Yes: don't.

Instead, put the data in another file.

Using __DATA__ for anything other than quick one-offs like mailing Christmas
emails to your aunties is a recipe for disaster.  Updating __DATA__ is a recipe
for global devastation the likes of which the world has never seen before.


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