[ABE.pm] Status messages on a web page

Faber J. Fedor faber at linuxnj.com
Thu Feb 15 13:13:12 PST 2007

How do you do them?

I'm AJAX-ifying my report page and I thought I'd clean up the status
messages.  Currently, if the data table doesn't exist, I print the
status message "Wait while I generate the data table" to STDOUT and,
after the table is generated, I put up the graphs.  Problem is, the
status message is still up on the screen until the user refreshes the

I can't see a way of doing it that doesn't force me to rewrite the CGI
script completely in AJAX.  Currently, when you execute the script,
CGI.pm does its thing, I crunch some perl code and then print HTML to
STDOUT. Not very Web 2.0 (hell, it's barely Web 1.0!), but it works.

Faber Fedor
Linux New Jersey, Inc.


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