[ABE.pm] t-shirts have arrived!

Ted Fiedler fiedlert at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 07:08:00 PDT 2006

Count me in. Im up for anything. Bar with food is always good.


On 9/28/06, Ricardo SIGNES <rjbs-perl-abe at lists.manxome.org> wrote:
> * Faber Fedor <faber at linuxnj.com> [2006-09-28T09:14:11]
> > On 9/27/06, Ricardo SIGNES <rjbs-perl-abe at lists.manxome.org> wrote:
> > > If so, I have it.  I'll bring them to the next meeting.  Incidentally, that
> > > should be one week from tonight, the 4th of October.
> >
> > But *where* is the next meeting?
> Good question...  while I love Penn Pizza, the "no pizza where you had pizza
> before" rule was pretty obnoxious.  Back to McGrady's?  Bethlehem Brew Works?
> (We haven't been there in a while!)  Macht's Gut?  (Another bar with food.)
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> rjbs
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