[ABE.pm] wednesday meeting?

Faber Fedor faber at linuxnj.com
Sun Sep 3 16:18:51 PDT 2006

On 9/3/06, Ricardo SIGNES <rjbs-perl-abe at lists.manxome.org> wrote:
> * Faber Fedor <faber at linuxnj.com> [2006-09-03T12:07:32]
> > I'm up for it.  You can show me some of the cool things I can do with
> the
> > Macbook, like figure out how to page up and where the freaking "delete
> key
> > that acts like a delete key" is!
> Sounds good.  Paging up in Terminal is easy, but annoying that it doesn't
> by default.  The delete you want is fn-delete.

I'm really hating these fn ey combinations!  Most of them require two hands
since the function ey is on the opposite side of the eyboard from the other
ey I'm pressing! And the k key seems to be a little screwed up, or I am.

> And when did you start looking for a house?
> Maybe a month ago, seriously.

Hey, I believe you.

> At Mcgrady's?  Or shall we do pizza?
> Preferences?  I'm fine with either.

Pizza at McGrady's would be perfect!



Faber Fedor
Linux New Jersey, Inc.
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