Can we include the Act templates in the new YAPC-NA repo on github

Todd Rinaldo toddr at
Sun Mar 24 01:01:26 PDT 2013

Robert, I'm not convinced there's value in this. ACT uses svn still for having event custom files. As best I can tell, referencing the previous year doesn't buy us much. And even if I do want to do this, it's all on the same ACT server the 2013 one is on. 

Short version: This creates more work to keep it in sync with svn, which is where the authoritative copy of all previous years are stored. What is the value?

On Mar 23, 2013, at 9:35 AM, Robert Blackwell <robert at> wrote:

> I am so excited to see the new YAPC-NA repo on Github,
> I would like to propose adding the Act templates to the repo.
> To make this work best we will need to work out a workflow that works
> with the current SVN set up that is used now.
> Robert
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