Get the most out of YAPC by signing up for Training

YAPC NA admin at
Fri Mar 1 13:30:39 PST 2013

We’ve got a great line up of Master Class Training for YAPC this year.
Trainers include, Gabor Szabo, Michael Schwern, John “genehack”
Anderson, Dave Rolsky, and Stevan Little. There will be classes given
both before and after YAPC.

The classes have something for people of all skill levels. This
includes a Zero to Perl class for someone who’s never programmed perl,
to a never before given class on Advanced Moose

We’ll be posting more information about these classes in the coming
days. In the mean time though, you can check out all the details on
the classes at:

You can also sign up and pay for these classes here:

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