[yapc] We will be having a Perl Foundation Party at YAPC::NA 2012 this...

YAPC::NA Director admin at yapcna.org
Thu Mar 22 09:00:04 PDT 2012


We will be having a Perl Foundation Party at YAPC::NA_2012 this year. At the
banquet we’ll hand out clubbing shirts. They light up and animate like the
image above. That will be your ticket to get into the party.
The party itself will be hosted a few blocks away at a nightclub called
Segredo. If you show up wearing the shirt we’ll let you in to the VIP lounge
where you can get your first few drinks for free!
This party is being sponsored by a donor who would like to remain nameless.
However, they’d like to encourage you to give_generously_to_the_Perl
[From the YAPC::NA_Blog.]
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