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There will be a Game_Room at YAPC::NA_2012. Our sponsor cPanel has helped us
arrange this spectacular extra social event. 
The idea was actually brought up on ideas.yapcna.org several times in various
ways. Some people suggested doing a poker tournament, while others wanted to
play RPGs, while others wanted to play board and card games, while still others
wanted to do a LAN party. Â (Who knew there were so many gamers in the Perl
community?) We decided to do them all in the form of a game room.
We’ll be setting up a banquet hall at YAPC with large round tables. The_Game
Crafter will supply some custom YAPC-themed decks of cards. And we’ll also
see about having a few board games available. You are of course welcome and
encouraged to bring your own board games, poker chips, or other gaming
cPanel will then be sponsoring snacks (not a full meal) and drinks and the game
room itself! 
Also, at the same time, right next door David Adler and Jeff Goff will be
running the Bad_Movie_BOF. Between these two events and the plethora of
nightlife in Madison, nobody should have a hard time finding something to do
after-hours at YAPC this year!
Thank you to cPanel for being so generous! We really couldn’t do such an
amazing thing without you!
[From the YAPC::NA_Blog.]
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