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Guest poster brian d foy writes:
YAPC::NA_is_hosting_a_deathmatch that will finally settle_the_editor_question,
something_good. The advocates of either side are sure to point to the many ways
they are able to modify their editor (probably using something that most people
will agree is even uglier than Perl) so they can use weird, private
incantations to do things that only work on their local system. You might
notice these people wasting half a day setting up their inferior editor when
they get a new system, or being unable to follow what they are doing in their
primitive editors during their presentations.
If you’re using one of these abysmally lacking editors, what have you done to
make it useful to you? What aliases and commands have you set up? Which ones do
you use most frequently? Did you get these modifications in secret meetings in
dark alleys away from the eyes of respectable society? Did you download dubious
files from sketchy websites that you find on Reddit? How many editor diseases
you have caught?
If you are using a good editor, you can still participate by showing the
luddites how easily you accomplish simple tasks. Or, you can tell the
troglodytes just how unevolved they are. Remember, though, to hate the sin but
love the sinner. The YAPC::NA_Code_of_Conduct wants to make the conference a
safe place, even if an attendee has an unfortunate choice of editor.
No matter how sophisticated or modern you are, post a picture of your editor
setup and link to this post. We want to see what colors, sizes, and fonts that
you use. Do you like light on dark, dark on light, light on transparent light?
Do you have a background picture or a solid background? Do you want to make
your editor look like the old dumb terminals or have all the flash of the Las
Vegas strip at night?
[From the YAPC::NA_Blog.]
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