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JT Smith admin at yapcna.org
Wed Mar 14 13:30:56 PDT 2012

See, now. Why do you have to go and start trouble? I think it's reasonable to assume that I wasn't talking about those people that couldn't find the links but rather the discussion of extending the deadline. 

Of course I'm sorry that people couldn't find the link. However, there's nothing I can do about that any longer. I didn't find out that people were struggling to find the link until yesterday, and we've already got more than enough talks. 

JT Smith
Director, YAPC::NA 2012


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On Mar 14, 2012, at 3:26 PM, Paul Makepeace wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 13:04, JT Smith <admin at yapcna.org> wrote:
>> I'm not looking to stir up any ill will, but this whole discussion is
>> irrelevant. We have more than enough talks to fill the schedule already
> This thread started with you saying "We’re still looking for sessions
> to fill all of those areas, […]"
> A number of smart people have said they found the links to talk
> submissions non-straightforward to find, and to abrasively dismiss
> that & the rest of peoples input as irrelevant is really off-putting,
> imo. I'd urge you as an ambassador of the perl community to take a
> more welcoming & less aggressive attitude.
> Paul

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