[yapc] All Talks Welcome

Perrin Harkins perrin at elem.com
Wed Mar 14 10:40:45 PDT 2012

It used to be prominently featured on the front page of the site.
Probably a good idea to put it back until the submission deadline has

In defense of JT, I think the deadline for talks is already extremely
generous.  By comparison the O'Reilly Open Source Convention ended
their CFP on 1/12 and that conference is a month later than YAPC::NA!
There has to be a deadline sometime.  But putting the link to submit
talks front and center would help people who have waited until the
last minute.

- Perrin

On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 8:36 AM, Todd Olson <tco2 at cornell.edu> wrote:
> Hi
> On 2012-Mar-13, at 17:47, Chris Nehren wrote:
>> On Mar 4, 2012, at 18:13, JT Smith wrote:
>> 17:39:42 <kthakore> cannot find this link in the blog posts done
>> 17:39:47 <kthakore> thank you much apeiron
>> 17:39:53 <apeiron> then go to http://act.yapcna.org/2012/newtalk
> I have also not been able to find this link by just visiting the yapcna site.
> I was only able to find it by digging through past postings to this mailing list.
> Regards,
> Todd
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