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Sun Mar 4 09:00:02 PST 2012

I’ve apparently been too effective in asking_for_the_talks_we_want_for_our
primary_two_tracks, or not effective enough at explaining that we have 5 total
tracks and that you can submit any kind of talk you want for YAPC::NA_2012. I
say this becauseSawyer_X_posted_a_comment_indicating_he_didn’t_think_his
talks_would_be_welcome. I apologize that I gave that impression to anyone.
For the record, here are the tracks at YAPC::NA 2012:
   1. Perl in the Wild - Real world Perl applications.
   2. Perl 101 - The stuff everybody needs to know to be a good Perl
   3. Anything Goes #1 - Talk about your favorite module, framework, or what
      halve you.
   4. Anything Goes #2 - Same as Anything Goes #1.
   5. Mini Workshops - 1 or 2 hour long hands-on tutorials. 
We’re still looking for sessions to fill all of those areas, although we
could definitely use some 1-hour long mini workshops. 
[From the YAPC::NA_Blog.]
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