[yapc] Please prevent me talking to Gabor Szabo

Matt S Trout mst at shadowcatsystems.co.uk
Wed Jun 13 01:15:51 PDT 2012

Earlier tonight, I attempted to remind Gabor of some disagreements I
and the Dancer core team have with his last Perl Maven post.

I maybe was wrong.

He, sadly, has something of an ego about his code.

So he asked me if I felt that I should allow him to have said "your mother
was a whore" and not cared, because clearly that was the same as me saying
"your code sucks".

I buried my mother three weeks ago.

I chose to share the eulogy with the community here:


She would have laughed in his face. Please, YAPC::NA attendees, ensure that
that's the only thing I do to him; you can be as offensive as you like about
me but right now I'm a tad sensitive about her.

And I think she'd likely disapprove if I killed him, since when he's not
being a moron he occasionally does useful things for perl. So please help
me avoid disappointing her.

Thanks, people.

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