[yapc] arrival dinner meet up

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Tue Jun 12 13:50:05 PDT 2012

hi all,

final reminder about the arrival dinner meet up. be in the lowell center 
lobby (not the pyle center) at 6pm. we will gather and then leave for 
moe's at 6:30. should be a 15-30 minute walk depending on herding cats 

if you are not on the signup list, you can still come. there will likely 
be enough food for everyone. i have had a major flurry of late comers 
(close to 15) but we also have some no shows. i spoke to moe's just now 
and they can handle up to 120 for seating. if they run out of buffet 
food, you latecomers can order off the menu.

remember to hit an atm if you don't have the $30 cash for the meal. beer 
and other alcoholic drinks can be run on a tab and paid separately.

if you offered to donate for scholarships, i don't think we need the 
help which is good. so buy a pitcher of beer or margaritas for your table.

they have 1 room set up for 80 seats and an upper room for up to 40 
seats. the buffet is on a landing between them from my understanding. 
try to go to both rooms to meet more people.

and as a little bonus, i made up name tags for those who got on the 
signup list in time. you may not have your yapc registration badge by 
then so you can wear this tag. and it has your nick as well as full name 
if you registered a nick.

i will need a volunteer to help me sell the meal tickets and handle the 
cash. you can let me know if you want to help when we meet up.

see you at moe's!!



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