[yapc] What New Technologies Might Be Invented At The Hackathon

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Mon Jun 4 01:00:04 PDT 2012

As far as I know, the hackathon at YAPC::NA_2012 might be the first two-day
hackathon ever at a YAPC. With that amount of time, and the brain power of the
Perl community, I wonder what might be invented there. 
Wisconsins history is filled with lots of technological pioneers, whether they
be tinkerers, inventors or entrepreneurs:
    * The Valentines_brought_the_first_telephone_network_to_Wisconsin because
      Richard Valentine thought it would be a neat way to stay in touch with
      his brother. 
    * The first_typewriter_was_invented_and_built_in_Wisconsin. Where would the
      internet be today without the typewriter, I wonder?
    * Lots of the great brands you know and love were created in Wisconsin,
      such as Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Miller Beer, Mercury Marine, Trek
      Bikes, Ashely Furniture, Briggs & Stratton Motors, Kraft Foods, Kohler
      Plumbing Fixtures, Snap-on Tools and many more. 
    * The ice_cream_sundae_was_born_in_Wisconsin! How tasty is that? Â 
    * Hydro-electric_power,_clothes_dryers,_four-wheel_drive,_and_even_The
These days were at the forefront of cancer_research, quantum_computing, nano-
technologies, and ill-advised_politics. So why shouldnt Wisconsin also be the
place where the next great Perl app is born?
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