[yapc] I need your help with Perl and the Internet of Things at YAPC::NA

Zachary Zebrowski zak.zebrowski at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 07:17:44 PST 2012

My $0.02:

Scoping your projects is a good thing.  Some of the things that you see on
make blog are way to complicated for non-ee people to get done, but to
"just" blink a LED or to send text to an LCD screen, is more on the
pratical side.  (And useful when you need to monitor systems at work.)
Most of the componets that you purchase will have some sort of tutorial
available on line, particuarlly from spark fun electronics or adafruit.
Personally, I'm interested in things like the http://beagleboard.org/ or
http://www.raspberrypi.org/ which are ARM computers, which run flavors of
linux... if we could port perl to one of those (right now it's a cross
compile nightmare), and have access to the terminals to send lcd characters
to screen, and have ethernet wifi available, that's would be cool... :)
(Price points - beagleboard $100 (available, though limited supply, from
adafruit), Pi - $25 (available soon)).  I'm trying to get the time myself
to look into the diydrones ( http://www.diydrones.com/ ) type stuff, but I
have a feeling that the ee required might be too hard for me to chew.
Currently, my plan is to get the software that supports the dcpm (
http://dc.pm.org) podcast (http://dcpmpodcast.dyndns.org/ ) to a releasable
state, write a presentation, get it publically released, then submit it for
inclusion to YAPC-NA... :)

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