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Sat Feb 4 01:00:02 PST 2012

Why are you using QR Codes at YAPC::NA_2012?
Because its an easy and modern way to share information. Nearly all of the
attendees will have either a feature phone or a smart phone capable of reading
QR codes.
Will QR codes be the only way to get info at YAPC?
No. We’ll, of course, share the URLs and other info contained within them as
Will QR Codes be optional on my badge?
Here’s how you opt out of a QR Code on your YAPC::NA_2012 badge. 
   1. Get a marker (you can borrow one from a YAPC staff member)
   2. Take the cap off the marker
   3. Draw a zig-zag on your QR code
   4. Put the cap back on the marker
   5. Give the marker back to whomever you got it from
Of course you might also want not want to do that since YAPC is a social
conference and you might actually want to make it easy to share your info with
other people at the conference.
Did you know that QR Codes are evil because
Welcome to 2012. The world’s going to end this year anyway. Why do you care?
[From the YAPC::NA_Blog.]
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