[yapc] I need your help with Perl and the Internet of Things at YAPC::NA

Scott Walters scott at slowass.net
Thu Feb 2 09:21:39 PST 2012

Hi all,

The Arduino is awesome and I don't want to create an NIH-fueled
schism, but if you did want to do embedded programming in Perl, check
out the Bifferboard:  http://bifferos.co.uk/.  It's a Chinese 486
clone that will run a stock Slackware install (or various other
distros).  You can put something like OpenWRT on the on-board flash or
run full install off of USB storage.  I'll try to remember to bring
one along with me.  Incidentally, one of them got transplanted into a
friend's toaster while she was gone on vacation over April Fool's.
She came home to a joke telling talking toaster that runs Slackware.


On 1/13/12, Gabor Szabo <gabor at szabgab.com> wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 4:33 AM, Robert Blackwell
> <robert at robertblackwell.com> wrote:
>> Physical Computing, Internet of Things it does not really matter what you
>> call it. We are talking about controlling things. Maybe you just want a
>> text
>> message when your doorbell rings or maybe you want to print in 3D straight
>> from Perl using a Makerbot. Maybe you just want more control over your
>> Christmas lights, CheerLights. Maybe there are dirty words you want your
>> TV
>> to just mute.
>> Arduino, PWM, servo motors, stepper motors, wii controllers, the list goes
>> on and on. Have you ever wondered what it all means and how to connect
>> them
>> all?
>> Many of you know I am working on getting the Perl community interested in
>> the Internet of Things and in getting CPAN stuffed full of Internet of
>> Things code. To do that I need more people interested and enable to hack
>> in
>> the Internet of Things space.
>> I know we can make Perl a choice language for scripting the physical world
>> together.
>> What do you want to learn?
>> What can I facilitate?
>> What projects do you need help with?
>> Would you pay for a class to learn about something non Perl like how to
>> use
>> an Arduino?
>> What do you want to learn?
>> What do you need?
>> There is a lot of non Perl to learn in order to do things. But just like
>> there is Baby Perl there is Baby Internet of Things. You can really do
>> interesting things with out having an EE degree.
>> Don't fear the connected future help build it.
> I bought an Arduino a year ago and Martin Berends helped me get  started
> with it
> programming it in it C-like language but quickly got stuck for two main
> reasons
> 1) lack of time
> 2) 0, or even negative understanding in electronics - all the physical
> part of it
> Since then I accumulated a lot of junk - in preparation to the time
> when I need various physical devices to hook up to my Arduino but that
> time is still on its way.
> I don't think you can help with (1) well, unless you help me get lot
> of people buy my training classes :)
> (and thank *you* for buying it) but (2) might be something interesting and
> fun
> even if I don't see how is it useful.
> It might be more fun to program my Arduino in Perl but I don't mind
> playing with the C code.
> The thing I would really need help with is understanding the electronics
> part.
> Oh and an idea. I'd love to see some robot competition at YAPCs.
> Sorry if this wasn't much help.
> regards
>     Gabor
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