[yapc] arrival dinner scholarships

Jon Miner miner at doit.wisc.edu
Wed Apr 18 12:34:45 PDT 2012

Sounds like an excellent idea to me.


On 4/18/12 12:19 AM, Uri Guttman wrote:
> hi all,
> i was thinking about the arrival dinner and the extra $3 each attendee
> will pay. i know some yapc attendees didn't come to the arrival dinner
> because of money issues. these usually are starving students and the
> underemployed. so my idea is to use the extra cash to offer some free
> arrival dinners. if we have about 100 (typical minimum for the arrival
> dinner) paid attendees, we can offer about 8-10 scholarships to the
> dinner. drinks will be extra but i am sure others will buy a beer or two
> for them! :)
> any interest in this idea? i haven't thought about how to organize this
> or figure out who gets the scholarships or anything. if you are
> interested in getting one of these scholarships, email me off list. when
> i get some idea of the interest, i will post/wiki more about it.
> thanx,
> uri
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