[yapc] arrival dinner scholarships

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Tue Apr 17 22:19:58 PDT 2012

hi all,

i was thinking about the arrival dinner and the extra $3 each attendee
will pay. i know some yapc attendees didn't come to the arrival dinner
because of money issues. these usually are starving students and the
underemployed. so my idea is to use the extra cash to offer some free
arrival dinners. if we have about 100 (typical minimum for the arrival
dinner) paid attendees, we can offer about 8-10 scholarships to the
dinner. drinks will be extra but i am sure others will buy a beer or two
for them! :)

any interest in this idea? i haven't thought about how to organize this
or figure out who gets the scholarships or anything. if you are
interested in getting one of these scholarships, email me off list. when
i get some idea of the interest, i will post/wiki more about it.



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