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I won't be there, but I can recommend some tasty places for you to check out.  Here they are in order of tastiness. All of these places are at least vegetarian friendly, but you'll have to call to see if they are vegan friendly. I have several vegetarian friends I eat with, but no vegan friends. Anyway, this should at least give you a starting point:

The Taco Shop (TexMex) http://www.thetacoshop5.com/
Buraka (East African) http://www.burakamadison.com/Buraka_Madison.html
Biryani (Mediterranean) http://campusbiryani.com/ (this one's much farther to walk, but very tasty)
Mediterranean Cafe (Mediterranean) http://g.co/maps/b54uv
Kabul (Afgahan) http://g.co/maps/hff42

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On Apr 17, 2012, at 3:23 PM, Dave Rolsky wrote:

> For each reaction there is an equal and better reaction.
> I'll organize the anti-arrival dinner at YAPC this year. It'd be some place more veg-friendly and with a smaller group. The exact venue is still TBD. I'll do some research, and proposals from others are welcome. Leave your proposals on the wiki page, along with your RSVP.
> http://act.yapcna.org/2012/wiki?node=Anti-Arrival%20Dinner
> -dave
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