[yapc] arrival dinner!

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Tue Apr 17 13:16:49 PDT 2012

hi all,

yes, it is back. we are having an arrival dinner on tuesday june 12, 
7-10pm. it is likely to be at moe's grill and tavern 
http://www.moestavernandgrill.com. they have an upstairs banquet room 
for us and the menu looks very nice. check out the all-american buffet 
at http://www.moestavernandgrill.com/img/menus/banquets.pdf. i spoke to 
the manager and we can have grilled brats with toppings as one of the 
entrees and mac & cheese (replacing potato salad) for one of the sides. 
that is more local flavor than the menu had originally. my view is the 3 
entree deal at $21.95/pp with the brats, veggie fettucini and maybe the 
sirloin and mushrooms. tax and tip is 23.5% extra bringing it to $27.10 
each. like in the past we can collect an even $30 to make it simple and 
either tip more or send the extra to tpf/yapc. there will be wait 
service for bar orders as there is no bar in the room itself. that of 
course will be your own tab. sodas are free with the meal as is dessert. 
soups are another choice and beer & cheese sounds like a good one.

so send in your thoughts on attending, the menu or whatever. when it 
gets more solid, i will set up a wiki page where you should rsvp so we 
can get an accurate head count (3 days before is the deadline). as usual 
we will get walkins and they can handle that but rsvp is so helpful.

there is plenty of veggie stuff in this menu but the anti-arrival people 
can do their usual thing too. just don't meet up with them or 
catastrophic anniliation will commence.


uri (yapc::na socialist czar again for a bit. :)

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