Corvisa is sponsoring YAPC::NA 2012! We’re proud to have...

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Corvisa is sponsoring YAPC::NA_2012! We’re proud to have them as a sponsor.
Corvisa_Services is the software development, IT services and marketing
division for a series of large and growing companies owned by our Kansas City-
based parent company, NovaStar Financial Inc. We build killer software using a
variety of languages, with entire teams devoted to Perl.
Our newly expanded tech mecca in downtown Milwaukee offers perks like:
    * Competitive compensation, benefits, and a jean-friendly, casual work
    * Code Love: Hackathons, code contests and opportunities to see your work
      turned into viable new product lines
    * Freebies: snacks, catered lunches, corporate discounts and as much
      caffeine as your heart desires
    * Wellness: Free campus fitness center, massage events, a game room and
      plenty of team events to keep things fun
For more information on Corvisa and our available jobs, visit
[From the YAPC::NA_Blog.]
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