[yapc] YAPC projectors up for bid.

Daniel Wright dan at dwright.org
Wed Jun 29 07:28:24 PDT 2011


This year, YAPC::NA acquired 4 projectors for our event.   But, now that the event is over, we have no use for them.    Therefore, we are opening the projectors up for silent bid.   The projectors are being offered in their current condition, without warranty or guarantee.    3 of the projectors are in working order.   1 projector is known to have a non-functional bulb.

The minimum bid for the 3 working projectors is $300 each.   The minimum bid for the projector with the bad bulb is $100.

Successful bidders will be required to make payment and take the projectors with them at the conclusion of the conference.   You may pay by cash, check, or credit card.

Again, this is a silent bid.   Please e-mail your bid directly to me prior to the conclusion of the lightning talks.  As I receive them, I will respond to acknowledge I have received your bids.  I will announce the winning bids at the conclusion of the conference.   You may bid on only one or more than one projector, and you may increase your bid, if you wish. 


Daniel J. Wright
Yet Another Society
d/b/a The Perl Foundation

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